Location: Caracol, Haiti

From September 18th, classes on the TaeKwonDo program in Haiti public school began.
Taekwondo classes are held for teachers and 7th grade students for two weeks from September 18th to 29th.
Kim Kyungwon, chairman of the US Taekwondo Education Foundation, said, “Taekwondo should take a bold step forward in the field of martial arts and sports and open up new areas of education. Taekwondo instills valuable self-esteem and self-confidence to the growing children, and helps the personality formation as well as the self-realization. I hope that Haitian young students will grow into a great national leader who learns and learns Taekwondo’s tough, persistent and challenging spirit to escape Haiti from poverty. “The Taekwondo Education Foundation of Korea I will do my utmost to provide maximum support and cooperation, “said the New York Daily News in an interview.
In order to do this, Chairman Kim directly visits Haiti for two weeks and guides students and teachers.