Centralizing education is the antidote of our future

The Organization of World Taekwondo Foundation is pursuing Taekwondo as the part of public education and will be responsible for the next 100 years . National Taekwondo Education Foundation is equip with self-confidence, modesty and high respect for others and the Taekwondo education as the reservoir of wisdom. We compass humanistic education through taekwondo and not just as another martial arts, game or sports development. Our concept of taekwondo is a promotion for non violence education and we are working to integrate Taekwondo into a regular public school curriculum.

The USTEF was established in 2007 as a non-profit education foundation in the United States to enhance public education. The National Taekwondo Education Foundation (USTEF) is currently established in 11 States in the U.S. and more than 400 schools around the area is incorporated taekwondo into the formal educational curriculum. Their students as well as parents and teachers are highly valued and recognized Taekwondo as regular subject. Therefore with the value and recognition as our platform, we are reaching out to other countries especially focusing on Honduras, India and Mexico. With this commitment in mind we are working towards the globalization of taekwondo as the necessary education for all children. The annual festival for USTEF is in New York Times Square each year with the title of Taekwondo Festival. The operation of function is in order to multiply educational value of Taekwondo and its Championship for American public schools. The World Taekwondo education provides workshops for training leaders with various activities. They are also encourage to actively involve and volunteer for the third world countries to enforce taekwondo education for needed children. Your contribution will help to incorporate public education and the World Taekwondo Education Foundation to influence developing countries.