The Taekwondo was representative of the Republic of Korea in 2000 at the Sydney Summer Olympics. The taekwondo is at its highest peak around the world since it was adopted as an official sport in 2000 However in so far, the martial arts are represented for mere self-defense and even the noble Olympic training values only focus on the games and the rest of Taekwondo value as a whole is relatively neglected. In the World Taekwondo Education Foundation promotes Taekwondo leaders to hold discussions as needed and to raise the steps of value and importance of Taekwondo. The martial arts and economic dimensions are important as Taekwondo Conference is held annually to share the research results to redefine the training and the education system.

The first generation of Taekwondo

For self-defense Martial Arts Taekwondo

The second generation of Taekwondo

Various competitions such as the Olympic Games

The third generation of Taekwondo

Taekwondo training to pursue educational value