• Advanced Taekwondo curriculum development.
  • WTEF (World Taekwondo Education Foundation) Training program includes character development to produce outstanding leaders.
  • Promoting Taekwondo as the regular curriculum WTEF in the U.S. Public school system.
  • Spreading the educational programs of the LDCs WTEF
  • To complete the development of succession and toughness which is developed by the spirit of Youth Taekwondo.
Taekwondo Spirit

Internal : self-denial, to concentrate the mind and body through training of one spirit discipline.
External : The realization of justice, and to love and to serve as a virtue of sacrificial spirit.


  • To develop a program that allows for young people to fulfill their dreams through Taekwondo training.
  • To cultivate the mentality to overcome the difficult process of taekwondo training.
  • To alter the thinking of young people through Taekwondo training.
  • It gives hope and dreams with goals in mind for youth through Taekwondo training.