The birthplace of WTEF is located in small rural town just outside of Springfield Massachusetts. Where there formal public education systems has failed and inability to recover regressing students who are imbued with drugs and crime in a very harsh environment. However the public school of Rebecca Johnson took the opportunity of Taekwondo education and made a top priority for teaching moral values to their students.

After WTEF education training was introduced to students, they immediately adopted and the condition for social environment has been improved enormously. Now the word of WTEF and its positive teachings are spreading throughout the schools and amongst students. They began to show respect for teachers and parents and the crime rates are decreasing. Students are gaining confidence and learning self-control skills instead of seeking immediate gratification. The critics of township states that the positive influence of WTEF cultivated the new social environment for youths and it is rising sharply. The first festival of New York Times Square presented the achievements of public school Taekwondo training and its success. The Taekwondo education as role models across the USA in 2008 and 80 students from Rebecca Johnson school pilot the performances. The performances of Taekwondo was displayed in the heart of New York City Times Square United States and became the starting point of Taekwondo Festival.

Currently, increasing number of public schools rapidly adopting the formal process of Taekwondo training in Massachusetts as well as New York, New Jersey, Washington, Kentucky, and etc. The training program is now officially adopted and about 400 public schools throughout the US to be incorporated into the curriculum.

The annual Taekwondo Festival in Times Square of New York City represents the winning team of 400 public schools to enforce Taekwondo Championship tournament. Their demonstration and the annual event was recognized and honored by the many critics.