Educational objectives of the WTEF

In modern society it seems that we value only the competitive structure and we are under the influence of industrialization which rapidly being deployed. Especially with the education, moral values and norms, and our society have failed to set the foundation for appropriate social life for the growing students. Public schools are only interest in literately education derived from text books. The lack of right social environment increases the level of agitation; anxiety and anger are growing rapidly amongst students. These students are between bullying/bullied and/or family discord, which causes derailment to drugs, alcohol, and violence. This is the problematical reality of current US education, as well as around the world.

The World Tae Kwon Do Education Foundation is forgoing with the Taekwondo as a physical/emotional balance curriculum to promote physical fitness, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control skills. We are onfident that such education will reinforce one's self reliance, moral values, and we are seeking to spread the positive reinforcement around the world through public education including United States.


Pre Class:
Tae Kwon Do training plans in consultation with the principal and physical education teacher.

Closing Ceremony : 8 weeks training information released by the pilot in front of parents and teachers.


Affiliated Schools