Support Taekwondo into Public Education

With high response and recognition from parents and principals in public school, WTEF is requesting one million signature campaign to integrate taekwondo into public education system. According to the survey conducted by Principal Norman Burger from Massachusetts Memorial School in 2012, the outcome of survey was extreme satisfactory. He stated that the survey was distributed to each grade level

based on students and parents’s opinion about taekwondo as regular curriculum. He reported that respond for this survey has ranked 80% of students and 95-100% of parents provided the positive feedbacks from each grade level. The initial assessment for Taekwondo education survey has shown remarkable results as unique educational material. We are foreseeing the future of taekwondo as the part of public education and expecting to broaden the opportunity to public as well as to private schools. According to survey results, 90% of students are willing to accept the challenges, develop patience, perseverance and competence. There is also a clear evidence that students develop tolerance for completing their work load in timely manner. The 10% of students also commented that they develop self-control, reduces anger outbursts and ability to control destructive actions. In addition nearly 96% of parents reported the positive changes on their children’s behavior such as having good attitude about their study and taekwondo has been the main topic for family discussion. Literately 95% of parents expressed their interest in continuation of taekwondo education in following year. Also 45% parents reported that their children are begin to take the responsibility for putting away personal items such as their shoes, toys, clothing and being more tidy. They also stated that there is a noticeable change in children’s attitude towards their parents as well as their siblings. Moreover the principal from each supporting school has decide to extend the program for one year study for all students and staff instead of eight weeks as the original plan. They also feel that the continue of program will enhance the overall education for all schools. The school officials suggested for signature campaigns to propose a motion to White House and the Department of Education. Therefore WTEF is planing to utilize positive feedback from students, parents and principals from each school to embark the One Million signatures campaign.

In addition, the Principal of Striver Elementary School Mrs. Wilson, Principal of Seltzer Middle School Mrs. Lemuex and many other officials, spoke the value and appreciation of Taekwodo education in various events. In addition, one of the school in Harlem Manhattan has become a big topic by transforming school into the best private school. Spokes person indicated that this is the first time in six years since the school was established and “all because of Korean education.” Prior to this the school had unremitting violence and the drug problems. Now it has become accustomed to the moderate stance of Taekwondo education and made improvement on discipline and respecting teachers.

The importance of the US public education and the field of Taekwondo The recent attention and arising issue with American youths are (drug involvement and increasing crime rates etc.) Implementing Taekwodo educational program within schools will increase awareness of self-control, self-discipline and pointed out that the public education alone is limited to solve rising problems among youths